Friday, August 1, 2014


Sometimes unfavorable circumstances happen when you are the the brink of reaching stars. You won't know why. Sometimes it's better to shut it out a little, because it's over for awhile. Then it closes. You feel like you are alone in the air, an airplane above the neptune sky.

Somehow, your dreams were once bigger than yours. You were once dreaming that you grow up, and you did. You do, every second. The thing is that they come true, but let's accept the fact that some of them do not.. However, that doesn't mean that you are getting smaller. 

Sometimes there's a need to step outside of our preferences. We have got to learn from what happened in our lives by turning our back from them. But let's not sacrifice reality. It might happen, but no matter how little it is, there is a point when you ought to stop chasing for awhile. Learn to modify preferences. Look for an alternative, and I guess we better start moving from that.

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