Friday, July 11, 2014


If it does not return, it doesn't. If you need time to find it, it will come and stay. If it opts to stay, then it's different. But then, do not push through instantly yet. You'll get hurt before you even know it. Hold still, give it time to brew. It doesn't need a hard effort because it should be effortless. If it is hard to keep, detach. You are just wasting your time to something not worth it. Your heartbeat picks up a throb that resounds the existence of others every single moment that it beats it gives you a sense of relief and heartache. All at the same time. The pulse gets stronger and stronger every single cell of your body knows that the different finds you back. It is near and it not scary. Leaving a long curve of spontaneity just like the rivers in our bodies. This is the moment that the different exists.

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