Saturday, June 18, 2016


Today my father might not know that it's Father's Day, until I greet him. It's been four difficult years since it all started. I thought I wasn't graduating. I spent most of my time in the hospital, beside my father, hoping that tomorrow a divine light will shine so he'll move.

Our world just turned 360 degrees, and even more, after he got stroke. I had to change my routine: waking up in the morning and putting my toes against his toes so they get stretched, holding his feet so they get stimulated--instead of jogging early or going to gym. The memories of him standing and moving, he didn't know this could happen. It's a miracle that he can still talk and tell me how much he loves me. Everyday, he reminds me that when he couldn't already speak he just wanted me to know how much he loves me. Everyday, I show him how much his son wants him to feel good, for all the greatest reasons in this world, that his actions would speak of love, and his mind would think of light. It's today that he needs our careful hands, as he's at his most fragile state.

I always look at the silverlining, and how it could change our lives forever. When I greet my father today, he'll be thankful, he might cry of joy and pain. I will pick up his stiff hand and pray. I will carefully lift him up from the bed and tell him "Happy Father's Day, Papc..i love you."

To all of the fathers who read this, the way you love your children will be the reflection of how they will love you back, someday, even in the most challenging part of your lives.

I hope you take good care of each other, as it's the best way to show love. Happy Father's Day!

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