Thursday, August 21, 2014


When it suddenly stops, we know that it's over. It will never come back again, no matter how amazing it is. You might have kept it for awhile, but it behaves like a butterfly. It will go seek for places to drop by. It will fly away without you knowing it. Do not mourn. They won't die immediately. They will just fly away and seek for better things. Stop chasing. It will never come back. You have got to accept that it's bound somewhere else. It's for somebody else. It will never come back like how it was before.

Learn how to ignore. Learn from it. If it is painful, then so be it. Just keep on ignoring. This is where you start. Do not get tempted to approach again. You are not desperate. There are better people and better experiences for you.

If a butterfly flies away it does not mean that something else will never arrive. There will always be a butterfly ready to drop by. They will come if they like you. They will go if they do not. They will stay if you show them how beautiful you are.

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